The first two and a half days of the SGM will be dedicated to the presentation of exchange of ideas on what different European groups and colleagues do with respect to developing new theoretical approaches, and new studies on selection and assessment. Presentations will be organized in thematic sessions.

At the third day, a round table discussion will be held from the organizing panel aiming at integrating ideas from the sessions and developing further ideas that would incorporate shared learning experiences from the past days, and interests of different parties. Our objective is to end our newly established dialogue among European researchers with opening new perspectives for future collaboration.

Finally, at the evening of the 3-day SGM a plenary session is planned to be held. The plenary session will be open and free to the public (mainly W&O Psychology and HRM graduate students and HRM professionals). During the plenary session, two to three keynote speakers from the EAWOP experienced members participating at the SGM will make presentations on current topics in recruitment, selection and assessment. The rationale behind this session is to disseminate new research findings to the general public and HRM professionals and bring together well known researchers with Greek practitioners following the principles of Evidence-Based Management.


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